CP Premium Boilie Weiße Banane 200g Probe 14-24mm mixed

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Carp Performance Premium Boilie WEIßE BANANE


Our premium boilie white banana is a sweet, clearly visible, light boilie with fine, medium and coarse structural elements, which is clearly visible on dark waters.

It is a hard boilie that is competently tied.


After 20 hours on the hair, the boilie is still as hard as before, only the outer layer is soaking.

With white fish, crayfish, etc., the 24 test boilies could only be reduced to an approx. 20 mm boilie.

"I've smelled and tasted a lot of banana flavors, but none that match the actual smell and taste of a banana." According to our test angler Fabian Sümnich.

Base: Tigernuts cake


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