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About usC

Carp Performance -

founded in January 2017 by my son Tim Hennwald, a family business where there is a lot of love in the details and everything is made by hand - no industrial mass-produced goods.

We have specialized in the production of basic and bait food in carp quality. Our range includes various particles, boilies (each has a different basis), insects and insect mixes, including insect flours, single feed flours and single seeds, as well as oils, tiger nuts and feed plates.

We deliberately avoid preservatives, artificial flavors and flavors, because we only consider 100% fresh food-quality goods - we only use table salt.

We have been successfully supported by our team anglers since our foundation.

So we can proudly say that through our external promoter Volker Krieg am Großer Zeschsee we have acquired a lucrative property where many of our tests will be carried out in the future.

At this wonderful hotspot we offer our customers and prospects the opportunity to test our products.

More information will follow shortly.

Petri Heil